Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dog in Surrey: do you know that there is frozen food for dogs?

Do you know that there is frozen food for dogs?
New techniques of food and novel foods are emerging that previously were unknown to us. In the world of pets happens the same, because new products are always emerging that make life easier for us? For those who have opted for the Barff diet, there is now frozen food for dogs.
We want to talk to you about this food. But first, let's remember what the Barff diet consisted of and what benefits it entailed for our pets.
What is the Barff Diet?
The Barff diet is more than a diet of raw foods, as many people think. It stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. That is, it is a diet that has been created for pets from raw foods that have been carefully checked, making sure they are beneficial to them.
In addition, it is believed that this would be the type of food that dogs would eat if they could choose for themselves. In this diet can include foods such as: Raw meat of any kind, or perhaps very little boiled or round and round in the pan, Bones with meat, Raw fish, always blue fish, Eggs, Viscera, Animal or vegetable fats, Greenery and fruit, Cereals, Cheeses and yogurts.
This list of foods is included in the Barff diet; although that does not mean that we can give them to our dogs deliberately and without control. As we have said, the Barff diet is more than a diet of raw foods.

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