Thursday, 20 July 2017

Pet for Sale in Johannesburg: Tips for traveling with dogs

Tips for traveling with dogs on this holiday
Dog at the airport
Leaving the pet behind, either because the family plans to go on vacation or to move to a new address, is an option that most people do not contemplate under any circumstances. That's why today we give you tips for traveling by plane with dogs.

There are extreme cases where travel is postponed. Sometimes even suspended if all the human and canine members cannot adapt to the transport. Dogs included. It is time to consider traveling by plane with our pet. Many airlines have discovered in the transport of pets a quite profitable business opportunity. That is why today traveling by plane with dogs is very possible. In all cases, some aspects, many of which are common sense rules, should be considered.
The health of the pet
Any pet, whether willing to travel or not, must have a detailed medical history . This will include a timeline of vaccines that is accurately met. For this reason, it is a relatively simple and even routine step to ask the veterinary surgeon to trust the health card in order to be able to fly. Of course the specialist will check the pet in detail and certify that it is fit for the trip.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pet for sale in Gold Coast: Use of sun cream on dogs

Use of sun cream on dogs
So if your pet is among the "risk groups", you should apply a sun cream, especially in the most sensitive areas . These are: Armpits, Belly, Snout, Ear tips, Areas with poor hair or lack of fur because of a dermatological problem In addition, hairy hairless or recently haired hairdressers should be protected throughout their entire body.

Should specific products be used to protect the dogs from the sun?
Now, the question of the million is missing: should a sun cream designed for dogs be used? Ideally, yes. It is advisable to use products without fragrance or dyes, resistant to water and with a factor of sun protection of 15 or more.

However, there are some protectors designed for humans that can also be used in dogs if necessary. This is the case for products that are safe for a baby , or hypoallergenic . You should also make sure that the sunscreen does not contain any substance, such as zinc oxide, which could be toxic to the hairy. Remember that dogs lick and run the risk of having a problem if they ingest it.

In any case, it is important that you consult the veterinarian on how best to protect your dog from excessive solar radiation and what protectors you can use for this purpose .

Friday, 7 July 2017

Pet in Kingston upon Hull: Apply a sun cream to your dog?

Apply a sun cream to your dog?
While humans seem to have much of the blame for the destruction of the ozone layer, the truth is that the star king "comes out for everyone", including dogs. But against the harmful ultraviolet radiation , the question is whether we should apply sun cream to our dog . Here we tell you. Canes and ultraviolet radiation
As a general rule, it could be argued that four-legged friends do not need a sunscreen. And it is that their coat should protect them enough and, moreover, they usually look for their own shadow places. But there are always exceptions.

Therefore, you should consider that there are animals that are more predisposed to suffer some type of injury to their skin because of exposure to the sun . This is the case of hairy, short-haired, light-haired or have little or no pigmentation on their skin. Also, those dogs with hair loss due to allergies or hormonal changes are more at risk.

Dalmatian, Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Boxer, Whippet, Argentine Dogo, White Bulldog, Beagle, Learn about the use of sunscreen in dogs and other ways to take care of the harmful ultraviolet rays.